Year-Round Events

Year round presentations and events


Each year, leading up to NeurodiverseNW, we provide a robust speaker series.

Recorded trainings and panels:

– Panel of Neurodiverse Young Adults (Jay Pierce, Kenassa Sarka, PJ Au, Trenton Scott)

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-Collaborative approaches to video game discussions with neurodiverse youth. With Dr. Rachel Kowert.

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-How parents and providers can improve their communication with neurodiverse teens and young adults (Reza Khastou, Christy Bateman, Seth Miller, Pilar Lopez)

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Helping socially anxious kids and teens successfully reintegrate. With Dr. Jennifer Tininenko.

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-Avenues to employment (Marci Campi, J. David Hall, Lisa Latchford Fox, Reza Khastou)

-Intersections: Race and Neurodivergence (ChrisTiana Obey Sumner, Celsete Pena, Adana Protentis)

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